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As a Zestful member of the Zethane club, it's my endeavour to add some substance to its activities. (So that it doesn't turn into a classic case of "All Gas, No Pulp !!":)  'Zethane', for beginners, is a highly nascent hydrocarbon with tremendous calorific value that develops naturally in the hearts of people. The Club attempts to tap this valuable natural resource ia an organised and channelised manner for enhancing the Quality of Life of its members. Activities of Sub-Club's are hosted on the Club's Site.


The Joggers' Sub-Club

Amit Bharti and D.D.Srivastava are meeting regularly at 6.00am near colony skating rink for 30-minute jogging and brisk exercise sessions just to keep us toned up.

The Book Contributors' Sub-Club

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The Zethane Discussion

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Category Book Author Publisher
Classics The Complete works of Saki (Collection of Short stories) Munro Hector Hugh Rupa
Finance PROJECTS - Selection, Implementatio....Review Chandra Prasanna TMH
Accounting Cost Accounting with Managerial Emphasis. Hongren, Foster, Datar Prentice Hall
Classics Visit -http\\Free Books for quick download of classics Drew  
Finance Visit http\\ for F&A Reference books & membership Managers Amit Bharti &